The Wood-Elfs

Wood Elfs

Woods Elves are especially in tune with nature more so than their elven brethren that dwell in the cities. Wood elves make exceptional rangers and druids they masters of nature and the wild. They respect all living things and very rarely you'll find an evil wood elf.

Like all elves they live long lives enjoying the comfort of deep forests and the sound of running water through the clear streams. Wood elves are content with the slow paced life of the wilderness but many young wood-elfs do long for adventure and some go off towards the towns to seek it.

Wood elves are slender, elegant and slightly smaller than humans with long pointed ears and slanted almond eyes. Their slim bodies should not be mistaken for weakness, they are some of the most formidable friends or foes you will come across. They are particularly strong Druids or Rangers.


Wood-elf drawing a bow back in the woods.


What is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon)

A MUD also known as multi-user dungeon is a real time multiplayer virtual world much like MMORPGs of today except instead of a graphical interface they use a text based interface. The key strength to being text based is the role playing aspect using text anything is possible within reason, your character can look, do and say whatever you wish it's a different type of immersion and in some ways deeper than the graphical RPGs.

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