The Half-Elves


Half-elves keep a lot of elven traits but take their size and skin colour from the human parent, their ears are also less pointed but distinct enough to tell a half-elf from a human. They live half as long as elves do and are almost as wise and intelligent. In the past half-elves were hated by the pure blood elves out of jealousy but time has moved on and such thoughts no longer occur frequently among the elves. Half-elves enjoy the city life like humans and some prefer the wilderness, thanks to their heritage they're very much in tune with nature.

Half-elves are good at all professions but do prefer the life of druids or rangers due to their heritage, They're also great mages and slightly better than their human counterparts.


Half-elf in elven armour wielding a bow and sword standing upon a tree branch


What is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon)

A MUD also known as multi-user dungeon is a real time multiplayer virtual world much like MMORPGs of today except instead of a graphical interface they use a text based interface. The key strength to being text based is the role playing aspect using text anything is possible within reason, your character can look, do and say whatever you wish it's a different type of immersion and in some ways deeper than the graphical RPGs.

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