The Drow started life as the opposite of elves, cruel, cunning and without love for anyone but themselves. They're also known as dark elfs and dwell in deep underground cities built into the rock. This is where their dark skin tones come from to help them blend into the shadows. Drow are not born evil but their creator is and in every drow is the spark to make the turn to the dark side easier than other races.

After the destruction of the old realm, The drow and elves settled their differences to help survive and rebuild society. It's for this reason you find many dark elves wondering the wilderness and many towns across the realm. However many stubborn drow still remain underground and live by the old laws, these will attack surface dwellers on sight.

Like elves, drow are slender and slightly smaller than humans with pointed ears and slanted eyes. Drow are fierce foes and good in any path they wish to choose.


Dark elf holding a spell book and casting a green orb in her right hand.


What is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon)

A MUD also known as multi-user dungeon is a real time multiplayer virtual world much like MMORPGs of today except instead of a graphical interface they use a text based interface. The key strength to being text based is the role playing aspect using text anything is possible within reason, your character can look, do and say whatever you wish it's a different type of immersion and in some ways deeper than the graphical RPGs.

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