A fighter is a master of the battlefield specialising in many weapons, armour and fighting techniques, these are not thugs or bandits but honourable knights who have sworn an oath to their blade that they wield expertly to slay monsters and conquer kingdoms. Fighter is a good class for a new player, they can take a lot of damage before dieing making it easier to learn the game.

The Main attributes for a successful fighter is strength, constitution and dexterity.

All races can be a fighter, a strong choice would be minotaur or human.


Level 1:AxeBlunt
FlailHand to Hand
Long BladesPolearm
Short BladesSpear
Level 2:Elbow
Level 3:Dirt kick
Level 4:Kick
Level 5:Bows Crossbow
Level 6:Parry
Level 7:Fast Healing
Level 8:Shield Block
Level 9:Lore
Level 11:Charge
Level 12:Rescue
Level 13:Dodge
Level 14:Uppercut
Level 15:Trip
Level 17:Stab
Level 18:Mount
Level 19:Second Attack
Level 20:Disarm
Level 22:Enhanced Damage
Level 25:War Cry
Level 26:Shield Bash
Level 28:Lunge
Level 29:Blind Fighting
Level 31:Dual Wield
Level 32:Third Attack
Level 35:Hamstring
Level 36:Slash
Level 37:Impale
Level 40:Cleave
Level 42:Fourth Attack
Level 46:Overhead Crush
Level 50:Fifth Attack
Fighter class minotaur


What is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon)

A MUD also known as multi-user dungeon is a real time multiplayer virtual world much like MMORPGs of today except instead of a graphical interface they use a text based interface. The key strength to being text based is the role playing aspect using text anything is possible within reason, your character can look, do and say whatever you wish it's a different type of immersion and in some ways deeper than the graphical RPGs.

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