Clerics are given their power by their god, their faith strengthens their power and rewards them in powerful spells. Clerics are primarily healers armed with a ton of buffs for party members but they can also be used offensively with the many offensive spells they gain, they just don't hit has hard as a fighter or take as many hits.

The Main attributes for a successful cleric is wisdom and constitution.

All races can be a mage, a strong choice would be Dwarf or Human.


To be confirmed

cleric class human


What is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon)

A MUD also known as multi-user dungeon is a real time multiplayer virtual world much like MMORPGs of today except instead of a graphical interface they use a text based interface. The key strength to being text based is the role playing aspect using text anything is possible within reason, your character can look, do and say whatever you wish it's a different type of immersion and in some ways deeper than the graphical RPGs.

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