The known Bugs List

Any bugs, errors or typos found can be posted here.
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The known Bugs List

Post by lrk89 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:28 am

The known bug list.

Bugs are inevitable, as quick as we add new features we fix bugs twice as fast.

This is the known issues that have been reported:
  • bottom Info windows overlap the buttons in smaller screen sizes
  • Top left score window, some values do not update
  • Village idiot, randomly follows and causes a lag spike
  • Cat says sleeping in bed when there is no bed.
  • Tutorial quest stays active even when you leave the tutorial area
  • You can hear mobs speak even if you leave the room, commonly seen with Wilhelm and mortem. if you dash off the messages keep coming
  • Logging in while already logged in, loads your char at the last position it was at instead of the current position. (logging in again, fixes it)
  • Apart from shocking grasp, all spells share the same instances so strange bugs can occur. Skills and spells are being overhauled soon.
I'll keep this updated as more bugs are found. I hope not though :D

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