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Important announcements and changes that affect the MUD.
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Welcome to the ArchaicQuest Forums!

Post by lrk89 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:59 am

A strong community is what make MUD games like this enjoyable. Especially a text based game where much of the fun is to be had interacting with other players. Be it hunting together to take down a boss or simply role playing and talking.

It's early days for ArchaicQuest, player numbers will be low but stick with it! New content is being added almost every other day and bugs are fixed even quicker.

ArchaicQuest was created with the community in mind, it's an open source project so anyone with C# knowledge is welcome to contribute by implementing new features or fixing bugs found on the issue tab.

For non coders if you want to help you can map out new areas to add to the game or quests, items, secrets etc. What's possible in a text based game is only limited by your Imagination.

For the people only interested in playing and having fun. Your feedback is invaluable and is essential to making ArchaicQuest a fun enjoyable text based RPG to play. Don't forget to invite your friends too! :D

The Forum
Going back to a strong community, this is the aim of the forum to build a hub of knowledge for new players, experienced players, spawn ideas, chat about the game, what you love or dislike.

The Game
Try it out and post your thoughts in the feedback forum or ask a question in general. if there was something you are unsure off or if you think something odd happened. Let us know, especially if we have missed something. ArchaicQuest is built from scratch so may work different to the MUDs you are normally used to but we have tried to use commands found on most ROM based MUDs. We hope you enjoy ArchaicQuest!

The rules
Pretty simple, be nice and respectful to everyone.
No spam

Have fun! :D

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