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New to text based games or Multi User Dungeons? This is the place to ask for help about the MUD ArchaicQuest.
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MUD Commands

Post by lrk89 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:38 pm

Being a text based game it helps if you know what commands are available in the game and how to use them. A game guide will be added to the website once Archaicquest gets out of Beta stage. For now I'll add/update the commands here:

All commands can be abbreviated, the game searches for commands you enter in the MUD based on starts with. so n, no, nor, not will match for north as an example.
Command Description
North Move north
East Move east
South Move south
West Move west
Up Move up
Down Move down
Look Shows you the room you are in and any players, mobs and items that are also present.
Look at <object> or Look <object> This will show you a description of the object you are looking at
Look in <object> or L in <object> If the object is a container this will show you the items that are inside.
Examine <object> This is show a more detailed description of the object.
Touch <object> Some objects have descriptions for how they feel.
Smell <object> Some objects have descriptions for how they smell.
Taste <object> Some objects have descriptions for how they taste.
Get <object> Will pick up the object that is in the room
Get <object> <container> or Get <object> from <container> Will pick up the object that is inside the container
Drop <object> Will remove the object from your inventory and add it to the room
Drop <object> <container> or Drop <object> from <container> Will remove the object from your inventory and add it to the container
Give <object> Will give an object from your inventory to someone else
Wear <object> Will wear the object if it's wearable.
Wield <object> Will wield the object if it's wieldable weapon.
Remove <object> Will remove the object if it's being worn.
Lock <object> Will lock the object if it's unlocked.
Unlock <object> Will unlock the object if it's locked.
Open <object> Will open an object if it's closed.
Close <object> Will close an object if it's open.
Drink <object> Will drink from the object if it's a drink container.
Save Saves your player!
Say sends a message to everyone in the same room
Sayto <object> sends a message to everyone in the same room but it's directed at the object.
Yell sends a message to everyone in the same area
Newbie sends a message to the newbie channel
Gossip sends a message to the in character gossip channel
Ooc sends a message to the out of character channel
Emote sends a custom emote to the room. emote smiles will show <player name> smiles
Kill <target> Will start comabt with the target
Flee Flee in a random direction while in combat.
Sacrifice corpse Will remove the corpse from the room giving the player a random body part.
Mount <object> If a mob can be a mount you can ride it.
Dismount If on a mount you will get off.
Help Displays general help
Help <keyword> Displays help file for that keyword
Skills Shows all skills
Practice <skill> Improve skill knowledge at a trainer.
List List buyable items from a shop keeper.
Buy <object> Buy the item from a shop keeper.
Sell <object> Sell the item that you have to a shop keeper.
Quest log or qlog Displays current quests and quest information.
Wake Wake up if asleep.
Sleep Go to sleep, this increases healing
Rest Sit down and rest, this increases healing
Sit Sits down
Stand Stands up
Greet <object> Greets a mob, some mobs have dialogue options to pick
Who Shows who is playing.
Follow <object> or Follow self Will begin to follow a player, follow self will stop you from following anyone else.
No Follow Stops people from following you.
Quit Quit the game.
Craftlist Shows a list of items you can craft.
Craft <object> Begins crafting the object if you know how.
Fish Begins fishing if by water.
Reel Reel in your fishing line if you think you have caught a fish.
Set up camp Sets up camp, used for cooking and improved healing.
As the game grows, more and more commands will be added. At the moment we are missing skills and spells and your standard MUD emotes.

If there are any commands you want to see, let me know.

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