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My last blog post titled, new browser mud coming soon. Didn’t touch much on what actually is ArchaicQuest or what to expect if you try the dev server out. I have also improved the homepage giving it more text describing ArchaicQuest at a high level after some feedback I was given.

What can this MUD do?

This MUD can do a lot! The first thing you will see is this:
Gif demonstrating Character creation on ArchaicQuest
You can log in if you have an account or proceed to create your character. There is no information on any races or classes yet. I haven’t done any world building other than making the village which is no where near completed.

Archaic quest is a blank canvas for world building so would love to here your ideas and thoughts or get some help 🙂  Head over to /r/ArchaicQuest to comment. (There is no comments here till I sort them, there is a lot to sort)

Another thing to note is the random name generator it’s pretty good if you want a quick name and can’t think of one. It’s not very smart though. In the future it will be changed to take in consideration race and gender. No one want’s to see a male Dark elf called Lucy running around 🙂

Touching on Races what you see in the gif is what was originally planned:

  • Human
  • Elf
  • Dark Elf
  • Dwarf

And the classes pretty standard too

  • Fighter
  • Theif
  • Cleric
  • Mage

I was thinking of just limiting it to humans but everyone loves an elf and dark elf is the most popular when looking at all the characters that have been made over the last 4 days!

Scripted Non Playing Characters = Tutorial and coolness

Once you have completed your character you will be thrown into the world and into an ambush this is meant to a fun alternative to the way majority of MUDs start you off where they throw you into a Newbie school to learn the basic by forcing you to read how to do this and how to do that.

I find that rather dull and prefer something a little more interactive.

So by having a group of goblins jump out a bush after you, you learn pretty quick how to move and wield a weapon. 🙂

Rooms are also scripted and respond to certain events. When you flee north apart from Wilhelm’s iconic scream an event will trigger that will move you to the next part of the tutorial when Mortem heals you and asks you to wake up.

He then passes you two items of clothing and waits for you to wear them. Upon doing so he will give you the quest.

ArchaicQuest - Text adventure Tutorial
The Ambush tutorial

It’s short and needs improving like actually letting the player kill a few goblins instead of just running would be a good one.

So far it teaches you how to:

  • Move
  • Wake
  • Wield
  • Wear
  • check inventory
  • check quest log

With out forcing you to read walls of boring text 🙂 I do plan to add a newbie school as such but branding it as the adventure guild where new players are recommended to visit, to perform quests, learn more commands and about the world easing them in so they always have something or no what to do. Another problem i’m trying to solve is players feeling lost and confused.

I have played MUDs that give you no newbie school, no tutorial and just dump you in the world with no help. It’s really hard to know what to do apart from typing quit unfortunately.

Why NPC scripting makes this MUD cool!

Allows me to make interesting events and actions that aren’t normally found in text adventures. 🙂

Such as Guards that patrol and respond to cries of help from players or NPC’s for example.

Imagine you’re a Thief that fails their dexterity check while trying to steal a sword from a shop.

But ends up dropping it on the floor with a loud clang, waking the owner who runs down the stairs, rushing you with his own sword while yelling for the guards. Possibilities are pretty much endless.

It’s not an RPG if it doesn’t have quests

Most MUDs have quests but in a form of a questor mob who gives a quest out every 30 mins to kill a monster or recover an item all in a random place for gold and quest points that can be exchanged for items. Although useful to get gold and maybe a rare item they have no story and are really dull.

I plan to have real quests dotted around the world in my MUD, these quests will have some depth and story to them and possibly multiple outcomes depending on the player’s responses or actions during the quests, they may also affect the world for all the players.

I haven't seen dialogue tree's in a MUD before. Some mobs have list of responses that a player can say to Lance
I haven’t seen dialogue tree’s in a MUD before. Some mobs have list of responses that a player can say to Lance

It’s going to be a Player V Player  MUD

I find PvP really exciting and have great memories of my own PvP wins and fails and would love to bring that to ArchaicQuest it’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do so PvP will only be an option if a player decides to join a Clan, which players can make if they have enough followers.

It’s going to be a Player V Environment  MUD

Text adventure RPG’s are not popular, why bother playing a text based game when you can jump on a PC and play a “Real RPG, with graphics”Which is what most people say when you try and explain actually these are really fun and it’s like reading a book,  you get sucked in an immersed into a fantasy realm where you are the main character.

Due to the lack of players I expect, i’m going to make it a fun adventure for the lone wolf still. With all the quests mentioned above, secrets to discover, exploring, crafting to do and raiding. I did consider doing a main story quest but unsure how that would work out.

This isn’t a MUD

Some say this isn’t a MUD, is criticism I have seen not just for my text adventure but for other MUDs too. If you can’t connect using telnet it’s not a MUD.


Telnet is an archaic protocol now deprecated by windows. I feel making it a browser based MUD is an obvious evolutionary step and something that can help revive the genre that kicked started the MMORPG scene before Everquest and World of Warcraft was a thing.

When will it be ready

If you happen to try the game out you will notice this is a really small game. There is 40+ locations to see but nothing truly amazing yet. I plan to have at least 500 – 1000 area’s to explore by the end of the year with quests, mazes, puzzles etc included. Skills and spells will also be completed by then and ArchaicQuest will then look and feel more like a game. It’s just me though for now so it takes awhile. 🙂

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