First week review of a new multiplayer text based RPG

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Last week ArchaicQuest went live. I jumped straight onto Reddit to tell the r/MUD/ community my text based RPG is gearing up for it’s launch!

In hindsight I should have said my browser based MUD is coming at the end of the year, to set expectations. The title I wrote was too enthusiastic, a few people noted that improvement is needed before it’s ready.

Despite the mixed reviews of my web based MUD

The people who saw past this had great things to say about the look and feel of the website, others noted their excitement. And some saw the great potential the text based RPG ArchaicQuest has. Which is great as I plan for it to become a house hold name in the Multi User Dungeon community. It was all very encouraging. 🙂

I had some really good feedback from a couple of designers that reviewed my website, with one pointing out the lack of information on the main page. Which prompted me to update it by adding more information and a screenshot of the MUD web client. Before that it was just the “What is ArchaicQuest” section.


Browser based MUD - ArchaicQuest Homepage
Browser based MUD – ArchaicQuest Homepage

One person picked up on the strange choice of a call to action as i’m not highlighting the play button in the header. The reason for this is I’m actually trying to get more people to help contribute. Although I need to do some work before that is possible. I will be spending the next week writing documentation on the project structure of the MUD code base, so anyone in theory could jump in and know how to start adding or editing features of the MUD if they know C#.

75+ Characters explored my small Text Based RPG

I created 5 of them while testing but that is impressive still. I don’t track IP addresses so I’m unsure how many characters are totally unique but over 400 people visited the website in the first week!

The best feedback came from the people who tried my text adventure and told me what’s wrong or what confused them.

I made some big oversights too such as dialogue I didn’t encapsulate with quotes which was the 1st thing mentioned.

Others mentioned the confusing over how to interact with the game. Which is my bad for not providing a list of commands or implementing a help command that lists the commands.

I also tested the game out with friends who never played a text based game or even heard of a MUD before to see how they got on. Some failed on the tutorial by typing run or go north. They all failed to read the green hint telling them to Type North. I later added logging to the code base to capture bad commands and I saw the same errors made by others so it’s something I may have to improve.

Movement in the game is made by typing the cardinal directions but allowing a player to type run north, sneak north, go north etc might be a valid thing to do. Which will solve the confusion at the beginning for some.

Logging was originally added to solve a major bug discovered where the update loop would stop which meant no players healed over time. The bug was eventually fixed which was a nasty one to track down. A lot of errors were discovered in the process that weren’t reported by players and have been fixed.

Overall not a bad week for an obscure text based RPG

The initial launch of the website was very MVP (minimum viable product)  I don’t even have a 404 page styled and no comments! A lot of things I didn’t do from the start such as social media. Which didn’t come till day 3 and was another day before I added share buttons to the blog. The overall feedback is positive which is great and inspires me to continue on my MUD. Hopefully this time next year when I do my yearly review. I can talk about how ArchaicQuest surpassed the self proclaimed “world’s leading MUD developer and publisher.”

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