Multi user dungeon changes and improvements for October

MUD Visits
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Quick rundown of all the changes and improvements that have been made to ArchaicQuest which is getting closer to it’s 1st initial beta phase of testing.

  1. Added Aggro mobs
  2. Completed intial Dashboard to log errors, Mud activity and where people quit.
  3. Fixed idle code so players are disconnected after 20mins
  4. Improved room display for items and mobs
  5. Corrected a number of item names by removing a or an prefix and letting the code to decide when to add it as some use cases didn’t make sense.
  6. Added most of the base skills for Warrior (yet to be fully implemented)
  7. Added extra commands that people were trying to use:
    • Plunder
    • pick up
    • look at / l at
    • search / search in (probably be changed to a true search rather than a look alternative)
    • use – wear alternative for now as covers 90% of usage
    • commands
    • help / ?
    • spells
    • stand
    • sell
    • rest (thanks Steven)
    • hit / attack – kill alternative
  8. Overhauled the stats so there is no stat rolling and stats are fixed and are out of 100.
  9. Added feline furry race and a Lizard race so we don’t look so generic. Dwarf is gone for now.
  10. To help players I added a huge info dump in the tutorial quest description. Potentially this has had the opposite effect and will be revised before beta.
  11. Duplicate items now show as x5 etc thanks to Steven for the pull request.
  12. Added missing keywords to the tutorial that playera tried to get more info on but couldn’t.
  13. Added quick bar buttons to the user interface to help people even more on what commands they can use. Makes mobile easier to use.
  14. Fight code was massively improved, dodge and block emotes were added. Steven  fixed issue where it appeared a mob didn’t attack when in fact the player was blocking the shots but no message was being sent.
  15. Players now end up at the temple when they die and no longer retain the equipment they were wearing.
  16. stoped rest, sleep from working during fights
  17. added sell command and set merchant items 15% above item value.
  18. Correct merchant list so it’s sorted alphabetically and items are deducted and not infinite.
  19. Huge change to the message system by Steven so we can easily write tests for the code
  20. Duplicate mob Issue fixed (mobs kept respawning if dead)
  21. Game crash when trying to kill something that was no longer there was fixed by Steven .
  22. Changed starting HP to 30
  23. Fixed armour reduction
  24. Fixed weapon damage
  25. Updated all mobs to reflect the stat overhaul.
  26. Increased guard overall strength, gave them,2nd and 3rd attack no longer able to be killed at a low level.
  27. Set all mob skill to 100%
  28. Removed junk items that have been in the Anker square since the dawn of time.
  29. fixed wear location of several items that are in the shop
  30. Added the Graveyard that surrounds the temple
  31. Fixed mob respawn location, so no longer respawning at corpse but respawns at home location.
  32. Corpse no longer dissappear at tick if players are in the room. fixing a bug where players lost the race conditions to get the items from the corpse.
  33. Adjusted XP formula
  34. Added colour to the map
  35. Added 1st phase of the new farm area
  36. Added farm map
  37. Added Crafting
  38. Added wood chopping
  39. Added fishing mini game
  40. Added Cooking
  41. Added ability to set up camp
  42. Added weapon and armour crafting (forging)
  43. Added Alchemy crafting.
  44. Added a tailor and alchemist to Anker to enable the crafting to work.
  45. Added sacrifice command that harvests random body parts
  46. Fixed login issue when player was already logged in
  47. Added quest to obtain fishing rod from the farmer
  48. Added bot to discord so i can be notified of players signing up / logging in amd using public channels
  49. Added a huge list of things that can be crafted. (craftlist for full list)
  50. Added Music (currently switched off till i find a good way to host music without killing bandwidth)
  51. Added the river part of the farm (work in progress)
  52. Added a forum to the website
  53. Other fixes include Spelling and description improvements.

Other things to note, 430+ mobs killed, about 70 players signed up and checked the game out:

Visits to ArchaicQuest has seen a huge influx of visitors compared to last month

MUD Visits

Also a huge thanks to Ben nettles for his ideas, inspiration and all the testing he has done 🙂

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