Let’s Play: MUDs and other updates

MUD editor - area

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I haven’t blogged much, I’m really bad at sticking to it and being consistent with pushing content out. Even simple update posts get missed and there’s been a ton of improvements to ArchaicQuest I haven’t shared on here but I had an idea that will give me something to write about. I feel like I’m getting to the point where I could start building a few areas, a newbie town, a MUD school, etc.

Before I do that though I thought I should scout out the competition and see how they do things, so the plan is to try playing a MUD for two weeks maybe more if I enjoy it. And post a review here with the things I like, dislike, and what things they do which would be good to improve on and add to my own text-based game.

I don’t have a list of games that I’m going to try out but I have picked my first mud to play and that will be Erion MUD I stumbled across this on the MUD reddit or the discord channel I can’t remember which but it sounded good and they have a decent website that has active devs as there is a sidebar dedicated to showing you all the new things in the MUD which is great.  One of the things I disliked about my favourite MUD was the lack of development which was one of the reasons I left and to be honest since then I’ve never really got back into playing MUDs partly because I haven’t found the one that has clicked, instead spent the last few years building my own MUD engine…and about that.

What’s new in ArchaicQuest MUD

So much! I feel like maybe not saying anything and just dumping screenshots. I’m proud of how far it’s come but it’s still has a long way to go.

The UI has been massively improved and now has a dark theme and looks slick, There is also a working dashboard now minus the PvE and PvP stats as they won’t work until the fight mechanics are created. Same for Quest.

MUD dashboard

The other thing that isn’t obvious here is that this is totally responsive now and it is possible to add content on mobile which is really cool I had to get rid of the tables to help make this possible but looks better in my opinion and less cramp. So here’s an example of the table data now:

ArchaicQuest list example

And the Item view:

MUD editor - item

My favourite screen though is the area view with the room overview map:

MUD editor - area

I actually want to see if I can use this to recreate everybody’s favourite area Midgard and how easy it is to navigate an area with more than a few rooms.

And here is the actual room edit screen

MUD editor

The last screen is mobs

Mud editor - mobs

So the last couple of weeks I’ve been fixing bugs, sorting out the mobile responsiveness and recently upgraded to Angular 9 but that hasn’t been merged yet to the main branch. My endless list of small things to do is coming to the end so the next big thing will be to tackle skills & spells creation as this will unblock me from creating classes and potions etc

So the order is probably this:

  • Skills & Spells
  • Race
  • Class
  • Potion item type
  • Emotes/socials
  • Combat
  • Quests
  • Dialogue trees ?
  • Mob AI

Basically anything that could be changed will be in the editor, there is also a settings page not shown above where you can configure tick length, starting location, toggle double XP, toggle PK etc.

That’s it for now if it looks good please join the discord channel and say hello!

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