I’m back, Work on Archaicquest II a browser based MUD has resumed.

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Archaicquest was great, it’s my most successful project to date with many people logging in each month. I’m still surprised by the numbers since I do zero advertising.

Multi User Dungeon, Archaicquest

There’s only 90 rooms, a small village, a farm, a few quests and the ability to craft and fish.

I stopped supporting my text based game

Why? I was so paranoid about losing all my hard work in the event of a database failure. My solution was to build all the game content in code so the history and back up was in source control.

This was OK at first, untill I found someone willing to put time in and start working on areas, quests, descriptions etc. My evenings then were spent taking my builders work and putting it in code this was time consuming and required a lot of testing.

This meant the time I was using to expand the game stopped me working on features that were severely missing.

So I threw in the towel, this isnt maintainable; it needs a rewrite!

Making a text base RPG, again

The plan this time was to address the builder issue. Anyone who has an imagination and can write should be able to add content without looking at a line of code.

First thing I have started on is an Admin System to manage the game content.


Only Items are working, missing some features like spells that you may want an item to cast on hit, or on quaff.

A bit of the chicken and egg problem there as I can’t add spells to items till I create the function to make spells.


Next is Mobs. Now I have items, I can create mobs and equip them / fill inventory. Stuff like weight, scripts, quests, dialogue don’t exist for a mob yet.


Once I can create a mob, I’ll work on rooms where I’ll end up spending most of my time likely.

Quick list of features I want the admin system to have

  • Dashboard
  • Display stats such as, number of Players, items, mobs, rooms. Most used X, lots of nice graphs so we can use the data to make improvements.
  • Items, mobs, rooms
  • View / create / edit / delete
  • Quests / dialogue
  • View / Create / edit / delete. Quests / dialogues will be created independently from a mob and when working on a mob you can assign the quest to that mob. This cuts done on work if two mobs will have the same dialogue like generic NPCs
  • Spells / Skills
  • View/ Create / edit / delete
  • Classes
  • I’m just going to right Crud from here on out. Spells and skills will be assigned to the class
  • Race
  • CRUD – will include inante abilities, attribute modifiers, body parts etc
  • Word management
  • Bonuses(XP, drop rate etc)
  • Reset in game cache / update game world with any new changes
  • Create a back up

It’s been slow progress, I’ve been saying AQ2 is in the works since around mid 2018. But was actually spending all my time working on http://www.atrove.co.uk which is in a good place now for me to take a step back and return to something that I had an absolutely blast making.

I’ll post updates more regularly from here on, once the basics of the editor is working I’ll get people to test it out.

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