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It’s been awhile since my last post but I have been busy making great improvements to ArchaicQuest.

Text based games

The first big change is swaping MongoDB for LiteDb which is a single file document store that uses an api similar to MongoDB. The reason for the change is because I couldn’t find an affordable Mongo host and my free 500mb version got maxed out after a thousand error logs. (These only contain incorrect commands so not alot of data really)

Having this new serverless nosql database for my MUD allows me to store almost unlimited amounts of data. I don’t think I’ll ever hit my 50gb limit and even if I did it’s a good problem to have.

How many text based games have a dashboard?

Now that data is not an issue I started work on a Dashboard to monitor ArchaicQuest so I can track the performance of the MUD by having an easy to see breakdown of Logins, sign ups, average play time, List of players, List of errors, most popular Class, race and gender.

dashboard for ArchaicQuest

I will be adding more to it after the main game has been updated, like ability to reward players, toggle double xp, spawn mobs etc.

The browser MUD client has had a huge update too, I now have a map! This was one thing I really wanted to have. The map replaces the duplicated room info that was shown top right and now in the bottom right I have gotten rid of the now deprecated exit map for a log of channels that our filterable. Default is All communication and can be changed to Newbie, Gossip, OOC, room and back to all.

Bottom left where I had the inventory displayed has been updated to show Inventory, Equipment, Affects and your questlog. Again these are changeable by clicking by clicking on the links above.

The next change I’ll be making is to the player stats top left which can be tidied up, removing duplicate info such as hp, mana etc is not needed as it’s shown clearer at the bottom of the MUD client. I also want to add another tab to display your character description and allow you to edit it.

An improved text based game tutorial

Next change is an overhaul of the tutorial, It’s more interactive and interesting before and unlike most MUDs you don’t start off in a newbie school. Archaicquest is an open world I don’t want players to feel they have to do anything.

Except you can’t skip the tutorial yet it’s takes 1 minute or less to finish if you don’t read and skip all the content.

The new tutorial is based around the feedback I got on R/mud. I know allow the players to kill some goblins by forcing them towards a goblin camp that gives them their first quest to find a full set of armour. This not only teaches them about quests but also how to move, kill and loot mobs. get items, unlock and open chests and wear/wield. Thats 90% of the commands you need to know. 🙂

There is also a pool of water that if a player looks into will prompt them to write a description, I have yet to code this but I would like like characters to take the mud seriously and help towards the immersion with a description that matches the setting.

Venturing further into the woods where my MUD tutorial is based will trigger the player to be knocked out and teleported to the temple where they learn the wake command and given a new quest to seek out Lance.

From this point on the player is free to do as they please and I have planned to include a lot fun things to do such as numerous quests, one involving a haunted house, A maze (who doesn’t love em) and of course places to explore. A large woodland surrounds Anker and will hold some hidden places to explore and loot.

That’s the newbie village and I will be starting to map the “main” city or the first meaningful place soon which is called Ester and will house the Adventure Academy (newbie school) but opt in and fun quests it will be Aardwolf like. Ester will also have the guildhalls to train up in and many more quests will be found.

I forgot to mention I have basic AI so you will see guards patrolling and npcs wondering around.

Random encounters will be coming so you can never be to sure if any one place is safe, idling could get you killed if a group of bandits walk in!

Skills and spells are not finished yet…

The state of the text based game ArchaicQuest.

I wrote the above a month back, took a small break now I’m back and have been really active on ArchaicQuest.

The discord channel is starting to fill up, we have a forum! And I’ve two great people helping me out planning features and fixing bugs.

Crafting is now a big thing, player will be able to craft most items, cooking will be added soon.

A farm east of Anker has been added, which will lead to the goblin forest which will contain the 1st boss. Bosses will require multiple players to defeat I suspect ww will have a goblin shaman that will be able to inflict horrendous amount of damage and afflictions upon the players.

South of Anker will house a small keep or manor house, yet to be decided. There will be numerous quests to do around Anker.

For example players could join the local garrison and earn ranks by completing the local milita quests. Other quests are found by interacting with NPCs using a multiple choice dialogue system.

ArchaicQuest is looking like a promising MUD, Beta will be announced in about 4 weeks.

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