2021 in review for ArchaicQuest

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Feels like an age since starting the adventure of coding and building Archaicquest. Going through up and downs on productivity, disappearing for a few weeks or months before returning with renewed energy to blast through a todo list.

The biggest productivity killer is not having that todo list and staring at my IDE wondering what’s next. what have I missed, what shall I work on now? Creating that TODO list has helped massively to stay on track and progress.

Probably early 2021 I may have said my tutorial would be finished. I’m too ashamed to dig out the old message but I’m sure it’s there.

A tutorial the majority of the MUD community probably would not appreciate but its aim is to convert brand new players who never played MUDs into avid fans, the aim is to target players who already play browser-based games and there are many.

For veterans to MUDs, there will be a short concise tutorial, although it’s the same as diku style muds command-wise so easy for anyone to pick up.

Enough waffle…

What was done in 2021



  • I added the concept of money. Originally going to be gold, silver, copper but went with just gold to keep it simple and move on.
  •  Get / drop / give commands were updated to handle money properly,
  •  A shop mob was created along with the shop related commands (list, buy, sell, inspect) and the changes required in the admin tool to manage shop inventory and the display of items for sale
  •  Was an issue with the buffer, so if you spammed commands your most recent would fire next instead of the oldest. so Switched it to First In, First Out
  •  Created the Help system, within the admin tool can easily create help files, spent some time adding the basics, I’m terrible for updating these, need to get better at it. Help works well, if there are multiple matches it will prompt you for which one you want.
  •  Had an issue with open/close/lock/unlock, The academy used to be locked unless you had the key for testing purposes. Issue was, I think (been awhile and commit messages sometimes suck) that if you entered `open n` it would not find the exit so logic had to be changed from checking the name contains to start with. (haven’t had issues since)
  •  Mobs can now listen to every command entered, this is of course for handling scripting mobs to react to input from a player
  •  added verbose exits to player config and I write this line there is no way to view or toggle your config options (adds to todo list), verbose exit means shows the room name next to the exit and it’s possible to click the exit.
  •  added the recall command
  •  added trainer mob types and the train command to train stats
  •  added practice command to practice skills
  •  finally got z axis rooms working (up & downstairs)
  •  added a save command
  •  changed the logic again on open/close
  •  worked on autocomplete for commands on the client, but abandoned the idea.
  •  disabled backspace, so you don’t accidentally navigate back in the browser
  •  added a warning if you close or navigate away from the page in case it was a mistake.


  •  added the concept of nthitem so you do `get 2.sword` to pick up the second sword
  •  refactored to use the nthitem search everywhere it’s needed and created helper functions for finding objects/mobs
  •  created portals, needed a way to transfer the player from one location to another, could do that with a standard exit but with this scenario the player requires to `enter <keyword>` to trigger the portal action this is hidden within the academy I hope you enjoy finding it when it’s ready.
  •  added context modals, you can click on a room item and in the modal you are shown the description and have options to pick it up or examine it further, haven’t added for mobs but could also work with a kill and look button.
  •  add a bug with the room cache and item repop…🤷 it’s fixed now
  •  a fix for the map when exits do not exist.
  •  changed examine to also work for players/mobs it defaults to look if there is no extra details same for trying to examine items
  •  Quit command added
  •  idle players kicked after 15mins
  •  added discord posting (currently disabled, potential issues with it causing slowdowns)
  •  CI/CD work to keep my discord API key from being checked in
  •  fixed bugs with score not showing gold correctly, Fixed shopkeeper selling items for a big fat 0!
  •  improvements to how repops are done so it’s more efficient
  •  added wield command although wear sword also works
  •  fixed bug with dropping items (was checking room, not player inventory when finding item to drop)
  •  remove command added. made wear / wield / remove emit the action to the room
  •  fixed a bug where deleted items from the admin was showing up in the item dropdowns
  •  fix for removing idle player correctly was
  •  added the ability for light sources to flicker out although not used (starting equipment has a light that never runs out, not much of a penalty if dark the text is harder to read rather than it say you see nothing.)


  • added weight to items, updated get/drop to update weight. also displayed in score (no penalties on being over encumbered yet)
  • started on crafting recipes
  • crafting command added, crafting list created
  • added crafting recipes to the admin tool
  • drop all fix to stop dropping your worn equipment
  • Added ability to cook! inspired by BOTW just throw in anything and see what you get. Random meals because making set foods is a bore. Affects are calculated on the dominate ingredient. (requires a fire that can be crafted and a cooking pot)
  • Eat command added to eat food
  • started on skill and spell rework, spent too long here.
  • spent a bunch of time working out warrior skills and what they should be. Yet to do other classes.
  • added weight & gold to client score list


  • Moved house, zero internet, lost the flow while sorting the house out


  • started on weather, weather is a nice touch it’s pretty basic logic is using a markov chain so transitions make sense.


  • back to skills and spells, was setting up the framework to simplify skills and move them away from the admin tool and into code where it’s just easier. Probably could have done Lua skills but not worth the effort for me.


  • adding more skills
    •   Trip
    •   Haggle
    •   Headbutt
    •   Charge
    •   Fast Healing
    •   Lore
    •   stab
    •   Uppercut
    •   DirtKick
    •   Disarm
    •   Lunge
    •   Berserk
    •   Rescue
    •   SecondAttack
    •   ThirdAttack
    •   FourthAttack
    •   FifthAttack
    •   Mount
    •   BlindFighting
    •   DualWield
    •   Enhanced Damage
  • MOUNTS! Can mount or dismount


  • skills are generic so added away to use a skill with a different name. One example is dual wield. instead of using dual sword to wield it in the offhand you use the command second `second sword` taken from a MUD I used to play regularly
  • Time, worked on the time system (months, days and years)
  • added labels to stat bars on the client
  • added list of affects on the client


  • worked on random items, Diablo style. there’s a small chance to find a random piece of equipment and an even less chance to find a legendary piece with great stats. There are a ton of permutations for different styles, colours, damage, elemental effects and flags if lucky.
  • Fixes for weather and time
  • added Time to UI
  • fixed issue with examine
  • fixed mob enter event that stopped working
  • Added the ability to script mobs to cast spells
  • improved the UI of the quests list on the client


  • Fixed issue where you could not find the kill target.
  • created the default garb for all classes
  • improved scripting commands to include mobSay. mobEmote. Still verbose but less so than before.
  • added a command to help test mob events without having to actually do the prerequisite events, huge time safer
  • started writing modal on the client
  • client improvements to the colour of some elements
  • characters are now displayed in order of last played first


  •  spells added
    •  Identify
    •  Armour
    •  Cause light wounds
    •  Cure light wounds
  • Healer mob added, type heal to view a list of spells that the mob can cast upon you.
  • added mob spell list in the admin tool
  • various fixes in the admin tool
  • Read book command
  • Write command for books
  • ability to update player description
  • fix for mount
  • added ability to set book title
  • added pen and ink item type
  • fixed EQ bug where you can wear random $h!t on your arms
  • tweak to combat formula, worked out how to scale mobs and what levels, gear required to make the game challenging.
  • updated lore display
  • updated consider command, for if you look at a mob that is way above your level
  • instead of a read command command for signs, it will prompt you to look instead. (I could display the description but the command itself does not have knowledge of room objects so not possible yet.)
  • Added colors to allow color tags to color text. a lot easier than using html
  • finished off Writing modal for the client

This is it, a few gaps, A lot was done but at the same time not much to show for it. So many little details are required to make sure the MUD will have everything it needs or is expected to have to be received well by players.

What’s not included here is time spent working in the admin tool, creating items, rooms (which I’m terribly slow at and never satisfied with what I write), working on mobs and mob scripts.

The mob scripts are slightly time consuming this is where I wasted a lot of time from not planning.

With my tutorial, I want to get the information to the player without it being a bore and throwing in a fun quest. Think Aardwolf, my newbie area is inspired by theirs which I think is the best i’ve seen. I have a plan for most of my academy teachers now so will be aiming to finish that off soon, which will cover all the commands and info you would need to know to go explore.

Around the academy will be various quests to find and do also fishing which will be fun to code, A magic tree in the woods that will teleport you to a different area every few RL days (think faraway tree), a secret area and mini boss to fight hidden in the academy to discover and crafting will be possible from day 1.

Next will be mapping out the first town, once that’s built and there’s a few fun areas to explore and bosses to fight. probably good to get people to come try it out.

Ah I also did some work on a new website for ArchaicQuest, not launched yet. Will include a new blog that will be used properly/regularly.

Also most items listed here have not been released yet on the site to try out. Will shout and holla when there is something cool to check out and play test.

Want to thank you all for sticking around and popping in to say hi or check on progress. It’s very motivating when it happens and a big thanks to those that have helped me and done testing and gave feedback.

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