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What is ArchaicQuest

A small but expanding fantasy realm inspired by the once great Multi User Dungeons of the 90s. This text adventure aims to bring the old RPG MUD genre back from the dead like a Necromancer.

Designed and built for the web, makes ArchaicQuest easily accessible by anyone using a mobile, tablet or desktop PC. We aim to bring a deep and immersive story to anyone that steps foot into ArchaicQuest, Instead of just an empty world to explore and Hack n slash of killing monsters like every other forgotten MUD out there.

The world we are building will be full of life and richly described, with NPC's moving around about their day with their own story. Everyone will have something to say, Secrets are their to be discovered and quests are plentiful. There will always be something to do, something to achieve, something to solve that will keep you coming back for more.

No graphics, what!?

ArchaicQuest actually has the best graphics possible, Your imagination and minds eye will paint beautiful memorable images as you read, you will see vividly your character casting devastating spells, leading a group deeper into a dungeon or just their cloak whipping in the wind as you stand victorious.

This game is like a book except you are the author of your story, your actions and role play will affect the world and others around you.

Do you dare enter? A deep immersive text adventure awaits you. Better tell the boss you wont be coming in tomorrow.

Ok, I’m convinced. What is it about?

The world of ArchaicQuest is a modern MUD full of magic and wonder. Lots of places are to be explored, secrets to be discovered, puzzles to solve and quests to complete. This RPG game is not linear, it’s free roaming. You can do what you like once you have created your character choosing from 4 races and classes.

You can be the greatest explorer, Clan leader or a feared warrior. Partake in PvP combat or stick to PvE or even if you prefer the quite life of fishing and a brew in the local inn watching the NPC's go about their day as if they are alive.

The possibility for your character is truly endless. If you can think it, role-play it. Anything is possible.

Ready to play

Still in development, not all features are completed. Play test server

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